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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Who Wants Wet Roses, Anyway?

It has been several hours since I posted earlier, so my Weather Wizardry had plenty of time to screw up some more.

My boss asked me to measure a load of rocks being delivered.  They were undersized, so I was going to phone him.  I entered the office & was told immediately that I need to send him a photo.  (He had called while I was outside.)  The office manager gave me a spare, company phone.  I took the photo outside, but the phone's screen went blank.  The office manager said, "Oh, it's probably a low battery."  She handed me a new, digital camera & said she thought the battery was fully charged.  It was, except all the on-screen directions were in Greek, and I couldn't figure out how to change the language to English.  She handed me the phone an employee forgot to take with her this morning.  I took the photo, and the phone told me it was full of pictures and out of memory.

The second phone did manage to store my photo, so I downloaded it to my computer and e-mailed it to my boss.  Then, I managed to change the camera language to English and set the date/time.  I couldn't figure out how to use it, though.  I even tried following the instruction manual!

Stick a fork in me; I'm done.


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