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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

I Wouldn't Mind Candy on Date Night

I probably do this every year, but as I handed out Halloween candy last night, I reflected how some things have changed since I went trick-or-treating.

This year, there were a preponderance of skull masks of various sorts.  One's child looked like he had masking tape on his head.  It was an effective costume, but I hope there was a cap or something (a skullcap, perhaps?) between the tape and his hair.  Superhero costumes abounded, and Star Wars was a perennial favorite.  There was more face painting and fewer masks this year.  Store-bought costumes have gotten more elaborate (and probably more expensive), but it's amazing how effective a simple drape of cloth around a mask can be.

I wanted to say that there were more parents this year, but that would be a big "Duh!" because no parents accompanied their children when I was of the proper age.  Still, it was nice to see how many of the parents were in costume.  I have to give the prize for cleverness and effectiveness to the man whose toddler was dressed in a koala costume and riding on his father's back, as baby koalas do.  The father wasn't a big koala, but what sold me was the artificial branches & leaves that made it look like the boy was in a tree.

At one point early in the evening, I thought, "Gee, you're cute, but your son looks a little Goofy."


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