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Monday, July 22, 2013

Justification for a Raise?

I've found another reason why I should be paid more.  This time, unlike needing to buy basic groceries, restuffing my emergency financial cushion, or investing in my 401(k), this reason is utterly frivolous.  I want to be able to drive around for work and be able to stop at a new restaurant for lunch every weekday.  (Seriously, it's aggravating to drive by restaurant after restaurant on the way back to my office for a baloney sandwich.)

Along the line of me getting a higher salary...  I had mentioned to my boss, his boss, and the office manager, each at separate times (and only after I sensed that each was open to the idea), that, if one of the supervisory positions were to become vacant, I would not fill the vacancy but instead use some of the money to bump up two of the Journeypersons (Journeypeople?) to Leads, give a little to me for added responsibility, and maybe even have enough left over to create another Journeyperson position, if necessary.  Each one of them liked the idea.  Just last week, the office manager showed me a way that I could determine everyone's pay rate, using the work order software, so it would definitely be possible for me to see how much the supervisor makes and see how I could distribute that money to other positions.  I resisted the temptation to do that already this past weekend, but I'm only human, you know.


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