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Thursday, October 09, 2014

And You Thought "Captain" Was My First Name

My latest assignment at work is to "evaluate" (not "inspect") playgrounds in the school district.  The total was divided among three people, so we might actually finish by next Friday's deadline.

Since the workday coincides with the school day, I often encounter students at recess.  (Yes, it is next to impossible to insp... check out play structures while they are swarming with monk... darling little children.)  Because of the hat I wear, some of them called me "Cowboy".  Yup, that's me:  Captain Cowboy Chlorophyll.

What puzzles me is, have they never seen someone wearing a hat before?  Actually, in this day and age, they probably don't recognize any headwear other than a baseball cap.  Now go away, kid.  You bother me.


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