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Saturday, October 04, 2014

Going but Not Gone

When we had my mom's hearing tested, the audiologist said something I found interesting.  When someone loses his or her hearing, the "soft" consonants tend to go first.  For instance, "drag" and "brag" might sound the same.  I have noticed this type of hearing loss in myself.

My hearing isn't all going, though.  Last weekend, I thought I heard trickling water in the bathroom.  My sink faucet, tub spout, and shower head were completely dry, though.  Maybe I was imagining it.  Maybe I'm developing tinnitus*.  Maybe I can hear it only first thing in the morning on cool weekends, when no one is playing music or walking on creaky floorboards or flushing toilets or running air conditioners.

I kept hearing it through the week, though.  Plus, I thought it was getting louder.  I let the apartment manager know.  She said that there are three toilets in my building that are having problems.  Yes, it wasn't my imagination or failing hearing!

* Tinnitus is, loosely, a constant ringing (or other sound) in the ears.  Speaking of ringing getting louder...


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