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Monday, June 12, 2017

The Day After

I think a little more about aging around my birthday more than other days.  Otherwise, I probably wouldn't have noticed these reminders.

On Friday, I picked up some items from a local nursery.  One of the customers was getting assistance with her plants from a nursery staff member.  This is because she had a large order, not because of her age.  I thought she was in her lower 60's, but she complained to the 20-something helper, "Don't get old."  Aside from me thinking she was too young to consider herself old, I think it's an odd thing to say at all.  I mean, you might as well say to someone, "I hope you die young."

On Saturday, I had my semi-annual teeth cleaning.  At one point, I noticed that one of the fingertips of the hygienist's rubber gloves was a little loose.  I reflected that I'm so old, I went to the dentist before rubber gloves (and surgical masks, face shields, and protective eyewear).


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