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Friday, March 23, 2018

Do as I Say, Not as I... Oops

I see some interesting things when I visit a website to look for construction projects in our area, which need a landscaping contractor.  Both public & private entities can post opportunities, and they're not always for construction.  City governments, for example, can post bid requests for office supplies.  Today, I saw one for a city requesting bids for "Drug and Alcohol Testing".  Boy, I bet they'll be swamped by applications from people who want to test alcohol or other drugs for them!

That's probably not what they meant, but why, then, didn't they choose the correct words to express their point?  That brings to mind the time when a former supervisor alerted the employees about an upcoming "Sexual Harassment Training".  "No," I pointed out, "You mean sexual harassment prevention training.  They probably don't need any help harassing people."

I think the most enjoyment I've gotten out of misunderstood words was a sign I passed during my weekly cheesesteak pilgrimage in the Noog.  It announced the location of the "Pregnancy Help Center".  I always drove by after working hours, but they must had a line of guys out the door during the day, hoping to help a woman get pregnant.


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