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Monday, October 20, 2014

Pig Snouts

Many of the school playgrounds I have seen in the past week and a half are new, modular play structures.  (Those steel pipe jungle gyms over asphalt, which we played on, are no longer considered safe.)  Some of them incorporate climbing walls or ramps, of a few types.  One looks like this.

I think it looks like it's covered in pig snouts, or maybe noses from a Nick Park claymation film*.

One school has the only educational panels I've seen on a playground.
Yes, mistletoe is a flowering, higher plant, botanically speaking, but how many other states would even consider voting a parasite to be its official state flower?

Some play structures have steering wheels, so children can pretend to drive.  This one is a first for me, though.

I see the steering wheel on the right side of the dashboard, which makes me think it's from a country other than the U.S.A., but the gear shift resembles the American format.  Aren't gear shifts in other countries reversed, as the steering wheels are?  (If their cars look like this inside, maybe that explains why Oklahomans drive so badly.)

*I adore Wallace and Gromit, but my first exposure to Nick Park's talents was this short feature, which I saw in an animation festival during my early years in college.


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