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Friday, June 30, 2017

Sock it to Me

I need socks for work.  I need casual dress socks.  I'm having trouble finding them.  I want beige socks, and I want blue socks.  I might even accept striped socks, since they'll be mostly covered by my trousers.

I figured that Father's Day sales would be rife with socks (and underwear) on sale.  They were, but either athletic socks or dress socks.  I even went to one store because it had on sale a brand I've worn before.  The store had black, casual dress socks, or it had multi-color packs (brown, beige, blue, gray).  To get as many blue or beige socks as I want, I'd end up with dozens of other colors I don't.

I look at the weekly sales papers in the Sunday newspaper, but some stores don't advertise in print, and one department store chain is having trouble staying in business, so they're not shelling out for print ads any more.  I look at their websites (and hope I can narrow down the search to what is actually in the stores).  I found two possibilities.

There also are stores that offer close-out or remaindered items.  These stores don't have sales because they claim their items are already steeply discounted.  They also can't say what they'll have in stock day to day, since they sell leftovers.  One of these stores is on the way to where I refuel my car, so it's not an out of the way trip.

Maybe I should wear just sandals to work and leave a pair of socks and shoes by my desk, on the off chance that I might leave the office at some point.


At 12:01 PM, June 30, 2017 , Blogger Betty said...

Have you tried Amazon? These days, that's usually the solution to the problem of not knowing where to find something you want to buy.

At 8:29 AM, July 06, 2017 , Blogger Captain Chlorophyll said...

Pardon my late response, but I just stopped laughing. You do realize that you made that suggestion to a guy who wonders what this interweb-thingy is that everyone is talking about?

At 8:59 AM, July 06, 2017 , Blogger Betty said...

You do realize that you just wrote that response one the internet, right? ;)

At 8:20 AM, July 07, 2017 , Blogger Captain Chlorophyll said...

I am not without a sense of irony.


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