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Monday, November 28, 2011

A long, almost lazy weekend

I'm actually glad to be back in the office. Mind you, it has been raining steadily since yesterday afternoon, so I'll be scrambling to find work my crew can do, but I was starting to feel tired of being home for four days.

Or maybe I was tired because I slept like crap the entire weekend -- and I couldn't sleep in. On Thursday and Friday mornings, I did my normal workouts. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings, I arrived early at a store in Idiotville. (Shopping in Idiotville after Thanksgiving? That makes me an idiot.)

It wasn't as bad as I feared. Traffic was pretty light, and I went to a store that wasn't as sought after as others. Parking was full at the nearby Maul and Toys 'R' Us, but I found close spaces at my store.

I went to Cost Plus World Market each morning for three mornings. Why? Because they were giving away a free Tintin ornament and voucher for a movie ticket to the first 100 customers each day. (What kind of Tintin fan am I that I didn't know there was a movie coming out soon?)

So, I got my three ornaments and ticket vouchers. (I was 33rd in line the first day, 1st the second day, and 3rd the third day.) I also plan on entering the store's sweepstakes for a trip to Belgium. (I won't link to it, lest you also enter, thus reducing my chance of winning.) If I win, I'll take one of my brothers, also a Tintin fan. (And he'll tell me that he doesn't remember any of the French he took in high school.) I didn't get second ornaments for him because I couldn't talk Thing One into accompanying me rather than sleeping in.

The rest of the weekend, I ate turkey and read and played computer games. If it weren't for the ornaments, that's all I would've done, and that certainly wouldn't have been worth blogging about on its own.


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