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Monday, November 07, 2011

This is why you'll never see me in cowboy boots.

I hunted for shoes this weekend, but I didn't bag any. I did see one species I liked, but it was smaller than the allowable limit. All the others were out of season.

I mentioned to Thing One that work shoes were on sale at a particular store, and she told me to check out a special shoe store first. Apparently, "special" in this case means it's where overstocks go to die. Do you recall how Ollivander's shop was described in the first Harry Potter book? Do you know how COAS has room upon room of shelves stacked to the ceiling? That's what this place was like. It's a pity they didn't have any my size. Well, okay, they had shoes in the proper length, but they all were medium or wide, or D or EEE widths.

It's not just this store. I can't find shoes my size unless I go to one of those fancy, high-priced stores (and, even then, they can't always give me what I want). Am I the only man in America with B-width feet?


At 4:48 PM, November 07, 2011 , Blogger Betty said...

You just have to wait until a pair of shoes chooses you. :)


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