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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Or am I reading too deeply into this?

I've pretty much decided on a particular chain of extended-stay hotel to house me until I find an apartment in Tulsa and have my stuff shipped from the Noog.  Since the only size of bed it contains is full size, you can assume correctly that my deciding factor was the lowest price.  (I figure I can put up with sleeping diagonally for a month or two in the name of saving money, especially since I was in a twin size bed in the Noog for a year.)  The place offers a two-burner cooktop, refrigerator, microwave, and table with two chairs.  There is an on-site laundry.  There is in-room cable TV.  Maid service is provided every two weeks.  If I want more frequent maid service or to change linens, there is an additional charge.  If I didn't have my own tableware with me, I could rent a set (and a coffee maker).  The only add-on I'm interested is the internet access.

I started pondering what wasn't mentioned.  The room will include a dresser and nightstand, but it doesn't say if there's a closet or not.  Since this isn't a typical hotel room, maybe it's not safe to assume there's a closet?  What about a bathroom?  There's a nice picture of the on-site laundry room, but where will I be able to relieve myself, shower, or brush my teeth?  The website pics show the kitchen area (it looks like there's a sink there) and the TV (sitting on what I assume is the dresser).  Those two pics show one wall of the room.  I presume that the other wall has the bed and the (I hope) closet and bathroom.  (Besides my tableware, I have a set of my own towels with me.)

Oh, and the FAQ says that they provide the "first roll of bathroom tissue".  Maybe that's why it's the cheapest extended-stay hotel around.


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