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Monday, December 28, 2015

People Have Always Said that I'm Bright

All employees of my company (even the office staff, such as myself) received a high-visibility, winter jacket, with the company logo emblazoned on the back.  It is one of these fluorescent yellow/green ones, with reflective stripes.  I held one up near the window, without the sun shining on it, and was astounded how bright it is.  The website pictures are nowhere near bright enough.  When I look through the window and see one of our guys outside, I need sunglasses, even though I'm inside.  There'll be no mistaking our staff around the city.

Holiday Humor, Plus One

Santa can slide down a chimney easily enough, but how does he get back up to the roof?  I figure he uses an escape clause.

When horses get married, does the mare wear a bridle veil?

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Toilet Keeper

The toilet and sink in our office have been repaired.  (Sure would've been nice if they had given us warning to use them before they were taken apart!)  There no longer is a water leak, but the toilet keeps running if someone doesn't jiggle the handle after flushing.  Since my desk is closest to the bathroom, guess whose job it is...

Hey, I think I've discovered my job title!  It might not accurately describe the majority of my job tasks, but it sure could get my resume noticed.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Humor Me

I'd like to share some cartoons I've found amusing lately.

This first one suits me to a T.

This one I just find amusing.

The last one needs a bit of background for most of you.  For many years now, the state of NM has issued driver's licenses to illegal immigrants.  That means the state is not compliant with the federal "Real ID" act.  For years, the state has received exemptions, pending the repeal of the law that allows the licenses to be issued.  For years, the bill has been introduced to the state legislature and failed (in many years, not even making it out of committee).  As of next month, NM driver's licenses will not be allowed as photo identification to access any federal facility.  Now the employees of the state's many national labs, Air Force bases, or other federal facilities are scrambling to get passports before the deadline.  As of a yet-to-be determined date, NM driver's licenses will not be allowed as photo identification to pass through any airport security checkpoint.  Imagine the even madder crush of people applying for passports then!

Long before I moved to NM, the state has battled with ignorant fellow Americans who don't realize that NM is one of the 50 states.  (I've been sorely tempted to tell people, "Yeah, it's that big hole in the map, in between Texas and Arizona!" but haven't done so yet.  I guess I'm too nice.)  In this twist on "truth is stranger than fiction", U.S. citizens will not need passports to visit NM, but NM citizens will need passports to fly out of the state!