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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Second Interview

The second interview went well.  The interviewer seemed to focus on a couple of aspects of the job, by going back to questions about certain ideas.  At other times, I wasn't sure if there was a hidden reason behind other questions, but what could I do but answer truthfully?

The job sounds like something I could do, and one I might enjoy.  I also figure that the interviewer thinks I could do the job, or else I wouldn't have had a second interview after they checked my references.  (Why a Skype interview, though, instead of another phone call, especially since the interviewer made an offhand comment about me checking out the place in person, as well?)

Still, after all was said and done, there was nothing inside me screaming, "Yes!  Yes, I want this job over any other!"  I seem to be considered favorably for two jobs (and I'm trying to keep my humility going), so which might I choose?  Will my interview with someone else tomorrow make any difference?

Yes, I know:  there are worse problems to be had.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

As a matter of fact, it's raining right now.

It's strange what can happen in a week (or less).  Here's what has happened since my last post.

I discovered, via the Tennessee unemployment website, that they claimed to have been paying me weekly since mid-December.  Upon further probing, I found out that they had been depositing money to the debit card they had mailed even before I completed my application.  The site showed no direct deposit information, even though I know I entered it, as they wouldn't let me complete the application without it!  I re-entered it; hopefully it took root this time.  (I was able to take the debit card to my bank and transfer the funds into my checking account, so I could pay my mortgage on time.)

I am so glad that the money finally came through, as expenses suddenly piled up.  Upon arriving at my condo. last weekend for our association's annual meeting, my friend Gimpy said, "Perfect timing!" as one of my carbon monoxide detectors had just started beeping a signal that meant it was due for retirement, and the other one had done so not very long ago.  So, buying new detectors went on my credit card, as I didn't have money available right then.  Oh, and that envelope I found tucked in the screen door handle was a notice that Gimpy's electricity would be cut off if I didn't pay the past due invoice.  What past due invoice?  Well, it appears that the post office had forwarded all of my other bills from the Noog, but not the two (monthly, since I moved) from El Paso Electric.  That went onto my credit card, as well.  (There goes the surplus that the mortgage payment didn't eat up.)  I also registered a complaint e-mail with the U.S.P.S. that not all my mail had been forwarded (I wonder what else I'm not getting?) and phoned the electric company to have them update my address.  Gee, did you hear a sound from the back end of my car?  Sure!  I'm made of money, aren't I?  (I haven't heard it since then, so I hope I was imagining it and not that something already has broken and will cost me even more money I don't have.  It seems to be steering and propelling itself fine, though.)

On the brighter side, I had an interview earlier this week with a xeriscape design/installation/maintenance company which mentioned a suitable salary, a couple of possible perks, and the bright side of being able to stay in ABQ with my mom.  Plus, I have a second-round interview scheduled with the Colorado Springs landscape maintenance company (who, apparently, phoned my previous employers for a reference), and an account of my former employer, in Tulsa, has scheduled an interview with me.  When it rains, it pours, eh?  (Let's just hope it's not acid rain.)  Right now, I'm leaning toward accepting the ABQ job, since it would let me take care of my mom and continue to tidy up the house.  (Especially 'cause, if I clean out unnecessary stuff from the basement, that's where all my Noog stuff can be stored.)  The other two positions would probably have to offer a lot more money (not just so I can afford rent) to persuade me to accept.

That's sure a change from the usual, "Don't call us; we won't call you," eh?

Did I just say "eh" twice?  What, am I turning Canadian all of a sudden?  Oh well, that's better than the flu. ;)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Mystery solved, but I'm insolvent.

I am at the point where I can't spend any more money.  (Darn those condo. repairs last year!)  It's the time of month when I usually mail my monthly mortgage payment, but I can't do that without borrowing money from my mother.  I feel bad enough that I'm living at home without paying her rent or helping pay for higher utility bills, and eating her groceries.  Goodness knows how (or when) I'm ever going to afford replacing the super-expensive, professional fridge which is nothing better than a stainless steel coffin at the moment.

I received a letter from TN Unemployment in December, telling me that I had been provisionally approved for unemployment benefits.  (See also this post.)  The letter gave an early January deadline for my (former) employer to appeal, or else I would receive benefits.

Since that letter, I haven't heard boo.  I just checked my checking account balance, and other than the deposit from my condo. renter at the start of the month, I haven't had an infusion of cash since my Christmas gift check.  Did my employer appeal or not?  Will I get money or not?  How much money (if any) should I expect?  How often will it arrive?  Why haven't I heard anything?

I have about a week before I'll need to ask my mom to pay my mortgage.  Yeah, that should be just about long enough for me to sit on hold, waiting for someone to answer the phone and assist me.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Tuesdays with Mormon

I'm at the library for my internet access fix.  I had to wait in line today, as all the machines were occupied.  I find it interesting that, whatever day I come here, there are about half a dozen Mormon missionaries using the computers.  I'm curious as to why they're here whenever I show up.  Shouldn't they be out there missioning?

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy San Francisco!

Most people celebrate (and wish for) a happy new year.  I wish for nothing more than being allowed to sleep at night.

At 10 p.m., my cell. phone beeped with new year's wishes from my former bowling teammmate in the Noog.  I hadn't gone to bed yet, so I was okay with that.

Shortly after I went to bed, some yahoo walked along the street, banging something metal.  "He's an hour early," I observed.

I had nearly fallen asleep when my  cell. phone started beeping.  It was my buddy Robomarkov texting me a happy new year, dead on midnight.

I had nearly fallen asleep again when my phone beeped again.  The unidentified person said s/he "probably wouldn't make it to midnight" so was sending out his/her happy wishes then.  I was curious about that (and, alas, awake enough to figure the person was on the west coast), so I looked in the phone book in the morning and learned my newest buddy has a San Francisco area code.

Do I know anyone in San Francisco?